Our Musician in Residence was Teresa Brown, a former County Ecumenical Officer for Northamptonshire and Peterborough. Teresa is a professional violinist, was part of the 2015 Forum music group with Noel Robinson (who was part of this year’s worship group too) and was worship leader for our 2017 Responding to the Reformation conference.

Teresa lives a musically diverse existence – conducting a cathedral choir every Sunday, composing music for the Roman Catholic liturgy and being actively involved in various creative ecumenical events to spread the gospel locally.

With a vision for music that unites people across different denominations, Teresa co-ordinates Prayer & Praise for Northampton, held in different churches each month, and plays in the Unified! worship band with Pentecostal, Elim and Baptist musicians.

There were two optional music practices during Forum and delegates were encouraged to attend if they would like to learn some of the songs in advance. Teresa composed a piece of music for the closing worship and lead a workshop on the Presence of Christ in Music.

Noel Robinson led morning prayer in song as one of the worship options on Tuesday morning and Rowena Bass, our harpist, led Celtic morning prayer as another worship option

Visit Teresa’s Devine Music website.