The Christian Enquiry Agency is seeking a new Volunteer Secretary to join its creative team of Volunteer Trustees.

CEA offers a frontline opportunity for people to engage the Christian Faith via their website – which provides both written articles and a dedicated personal enquiries service.

The Volunteer Secretary will work remotely, plus attending Committee Meetings four times per year, which are held either by Zoom or in London or Birmingham. All expenses are paid. The Christian Enquiry Agency was set up by Churches Together in England, and is now an independent registered charity. This role involves becoming a Trustee of the Christian Enquiry Agency.

This is how the Christian Enquiry Agency describes their work:

“In all our articles and conversations we aim to give clear, balanced, information about the Christian faith, with God’s love running as a thread throughout. We hope to encourage people to explore more about Christianity. All our articles and conversations set out the (often diverse) views of Christians from different denominations, and not our personal opinions. All articles are written by experienced and knowledgeable Christian writers. We are including a new range of articles on spirituality, identity and other issues where current trends and Christianity intertwine. We add new articles to the site regularly, and promote the URL widely, including on social media.

“We have a new Help me God! page for those not knowing where to turn. We give details of the Samaritans, Childline and other organisations for urgent enquiries. For less urgent enquiries and those of a more spiritual nature, we suggest prayers and links to start the enquirer on their journey.

“Alongside the primary offerings of articles about Christianity and email conversations, we offer prayer, through our team of pray-ers, free gospels and help with finding a local church/Christian course.

“We are UK based, and are only able to offer resources and help with finding a church within the UK. However, we can, and often do, engage in email conversations with and offer prayer for those outside the UK.

“Our URL is currently used and promoted by Hope, the Methodist Church, the Baptist Church and many other organisations. We would like more Christian organisations to be aware and make use of our free services.”

CEA are scheduling interviews as the applications come in. So apply now via this link!

Closing date for applications:  Thursday 14 October 2021