Friends of the Holy Land, one of CTE’s Bodies in Association, writes…

Why Volunteer for Us?

The focus of our work is providing practical help directly to the most needy and vulnerable of our Christian brothers and sisters. Through a balance of funding immediate relief of emergency needs and practical small projects to help create a sustainable future in the Holy Land – most importantly to give them HOPE

By volunteering for FHL, you will help the small and dedicated staff team, together with existing volunteers, to support Christians in the Holy Land, during these challenging times. We have a range of ways to volunteer across the UK.  

To enable us to raise awareness and generate donations, in line with our strategy, we are expanding our team of volunteers and types of volunteering roles.

We are grateful to our existing volunteers, who continue to support our charity work across the UK.

Volunteers, in their diversity of age, experience, cultural background, and involvement with their Christian communities, will bring a fundamental contribution to fulfilling FHL’s mission and objectives.

Is Volunteering at FHL for You?

  • Are you passionate about the FHL cause?
  • Do you want to make a difference to Christians in the Holy Land?
  • Do you want to develop new and/or existing skills?
  • Do you want to volunteer as an individual and/or, as part of a group?
  • Do you want to give “something back” to a charity that is non-political and ecumenical and mission is to support Christians in the Holy Land?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, please feel free to contact Caroline for a chat about volunteering, on 01926 512980. Or send an email to [email protected]

Ways to Volunteer/Volunteering Opportunities

Our volunteer roles are primarily home-based, with no requirement to travel to our offices in Kenilworth. The volunteering opportunities are open to individuals and groups. You can volunteer by: –

  • Telephoning the Kenilworth office and speaking to one of the team, on 01926 512980.
  • Emailing your expression of interest and which volunteering role(s), you are interested in to [email protected]
  • Writing to us at: Friends of the Holy Land, Farmer Ward Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2DH and telling us which roles you are interested in.

The volunteering opportunities available are:

  • Pilgrimage Liaison
  • Advocate
  • Researcher
  • Fundraiser

Volunteering opportunities are also open to young people over the age of 16. Role descriptions are available on request. Informal discussions will be undertaken with potential volunteers. References are not required for these roles. We appreciate that there needs to be flexibility on both sides, to achieve a positive volunteering experience.

Once appointed, volunteers will be issued with a copy of the Volunteer Handbook and details of the induction process. A start date will also be agreed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about volunteering for FHL:

  • What is the expectation on time commitment? This is dependent on the volunteering role and will be agreed with you up front, depending on what you can offer.
  • What is the selection process? Volunteers will have an informal interview either over the telephone, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The outcome of the informal interview will be communicated within a week.
  • What is the minimum period I can volunteer for? We would love our volunteers to be able to help for a longer period but we know that sometimes you might only have a short period available to help, i.e.  a month or so between jobs. Some of our volunteer tasks might be suited to this so please contact us to check. We will discuss your availability at the informal interview.
  • What does the induction cover? An induction checklist is provided and will be completed with the Volunteer Liaison Co-ordinator and the volunteer. The induction will tell us all you need to know about Friends of the Holy Land and the tasks we are asking you to help with.
  • Will I be expected to travel to the Kenilworth office? No volunteers will be required to travel to the office, although you would be welcome to visit us at the office. This can be agreed with the Volunteer Liaison Co-ordinator.
  • Will I need to travel for the role? The Pilgrim Liaison and Advocate roles will require some local travel. This will be agreed with you as part of the induction process.
  • If I need to travel for the role, will I receive expenses to cover my costs? Expenses will be agreed in advance with you.
  • Can I change volunteer roles? Yes, this can be arranged with the Volunteer Liaison Co-ordinator.
  • Can a group of students volunteer for the Research volunteer role? Yes, we would encourage this approach and could be set up as a volunteering project at school or university.
  • Will FHL provide me with a reference for a potential employer or another volunteering role? Yes, we will be happy to provide a reference.
  • Would I be able to discuss any other volunteering opportunities that are not currently covered by a role description? Yes, we would welcome any discussions about other potential volunteering roles.

To find out about any of our roles or just to chat about how you can get involved, please call Caroline on 01926 512980 or email [email protected]

Friends of the Holy Land is a Body in Association of CTE