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Migration is never far from the news. How should the Christian community respond with the love and Good News of Jesus Christ? What are the issues, principles, guidelines for evangelisation and migration? Where are the stories to inspire and resources to help us in the task of sharing the Gospel together?


National evangelism officers of the churches and some home mission agencies agreed that 'Evangelisation and Migration' is a key concern in mission today. Over the past 18 months CGfE members have collated information from their networks, attended various conferences, reflected on the issues and produced resources.


Here you will find two 'Signpost' Resource Papers of what has been collated so far. They are small enough to be sent as electronic attachments and they form the start of series of Resource Papers on different topics produced by the Churches Coordinating Group for Evangelisation.


Below are Word and pdf versions of the two Signpost Resource Papers:

  1. Evangelisation and Migration 1a
  2. Evangelisation and Migration 1b


 Documents for download 
GfEResourcePaperNo1bEvandMigrationcont090309 (111.8KB)
GfEResourcePaperNo1aEvandMigration090601 (95.7KB)
GfEResourcePaperNo1bEvandMigrationcont090309 (371.5KB)
GfEResourcePaperNo1aEvandMigration090601 (357.5KB)
GfE Resource Paper No 1b Ev and Migration cont 090309 (112.4KB)
GfE Resource Paper No 1a Ev and Migration 090601 (97.6KB)
Jim Currin, 04/06/2009
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