Covenants between Church Leaders at Intermediate Level

Church Leaders will often make a covenant with each other and it can be an encouraging and inspiring event when a new leader signs the covenant at a public event or service. CTE's Presidents also have a covenant relationship.

These are all the Intermediate Body covenants CTE has. If yours is missing, or if the incorrect version of yours is here, please send the correct version to Lorraine Shannon. Thank you. 

Devon Church Leaders Covenant 2001 (20.0KB)
Gloucestershire CLs (20.0KB)
Norfolk CLs (19.5KB)
Surrey Church Leaders Covenant 2003 (26.5KB)
Birmingham CLs (19.5KB)
Northamptonshire covenant (20.5KB)
Notts and Derby (27.0KB)
Shropshire Church Leaders 2004 (23.0KB)
Shropshire Covenant 2004 (27.0KB)
CTAL CLs (24.5KB)
CTAL Presidents Covenant 2003 (141.5KB)
Lancs CLs (21.5KB)
GLU paper on Ch Ldrs Covenants (48.0KB)
Ampleforth CLs (20.0KB)




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