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Information for participants on the residential course

(You will know you have definitely booked when Lorraine Shannon sends you an email confirming your booking details. You will also receive a circular email at least a month before the course but probably sooner than that. If you think you have booked and these things do not happen, please don't leave it until the last minute to be in touch with us.)

The 2021 course will take place via Zoom. When its shape is clear, this page will be rewritten accordingly.

We look forward very much to welcoming you in time for lunch at 1.00 pm. While registration is from noon, the key cards issued will normally not activate bedroom access until 2.00 pm. Download the programme from the list below and visit this page for other information including travel directions. (If you are downloading a draft programme, be aware that the meeting rooms may change.)

Please note: This is a paperless meeting so you will need to bring with you anything you need printed out or have it ready on your tablet. 

In advance of the course

  • Before the course you need to visit an ecumenical situation and write no less than half a page of basic information about it so that you don't waste time in the group reflection session. Don't waste time cutting down your report to A5 size but if you make it too long, others won't have time to read it.

  • If you only read one paper before the course, please make it First Impressions of a CEO which you can download below. This is a very helpful, readable reflection and a brilliant description of how the job works at its best. It is relevant to all course participants, not just CEOs.

Background information

If you have time, download from the list at the bottom of the page:

  • Knots – no question is silly!

  • Job descriptions for Denominational Ecumenical Officers from those Churches which have drawn one up.

  • A job description for a County Ecumenical Officer – also helpful for Denominational Officers so that they know what to expect from CEOs. 

  • Extracts from what is popularly known as 'the Marigold book', setting out the proposals for the current ecumenical instruments. While a great deal of it is dated, it is important background for our work together. Read more about CTE's history.

Final practicalities

We want you to stay for the whole course, but if you plan to miss a meal, tell  Lorraine Shannon so that she can alert the house.

Lorraine will circulate a list of participants to facilitate car-sharing. This is in the form of a very wide Excel sheet and you will need to scroll right to see the 'car' column. (NB data protection responsibilities prohibit us from permitting this to be downloaded.) Blank lines indicate that the person concerned has not given permission for their data to be shared.

Please do look at the special requirements checklist and tell Lorraine of any further needs you may not have thought of mentioning on your booking form. And don't miss the High Leigh practicalities downloads at the very bottom of this page.


 High Leigh practicalities 
Heigh Leigh floor plan (523.3KB)
High Leigh COVID-19 guidance (183.1KB)
High Leigh info & travel (96.0KB)
map from High Leigh to the station: print if you want a lift at the end of the meeting (112.0KB)
Taxi notice High Leigh (41.5KB)
Taxi sheets for members (20.9KB)
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