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Discipling the Whole Church to reach the Whole Nation: Learning to be missionary disciples together

A Consultation on Evangelism, Mission & Discipleship for the Churches in England

Churches Together in England appointed Rev'd Dr Ben Aldous as the new Principal Officer for Evangelism & Mission in July 2019, and together with the recently-appointed General Secretary, Rev’d Dr. Paul Goodliff, a consultation will be convened for those who hold national responsibilities for evangelism and mission, or a similar post. This invitation goes to our member churches, Bodies in Association that have a mission and evangelism focus, Intermediate ecumenical bodies and others who work in the wider unity movements of the churches in our nation.
CTE provides an ecumenical space, akin to a ‘big tent’, within which the churches can conduct conversations and develop strategies for mission, and this consultation provides such a space. The event aims to bring together the churches, wider ecumenical movements and instruments and offer the opportunity to explore how we might work closely together in reaching England with the good news of Jesus Christ. We especially welcome people under the age of 35 bringing their fresh perspectives to the conversations, and member churches are encouraged to seek out suitable representatives where possible.
An often neglected, and vital element in effective mission, is the calibre of discipleship and this consultation seeks to not only explore mission strategies for the transformation of communities, and the means of effective evangelistic work, but also to see how we might strengthen the means of discipling Christians so that they are confident and courageous witnesses to Christ. We hope to come together to share on the pilgrimage of what Pope Francis calls being 'missionary disciples'.

  • When: 11.00 am on Monday 23 March to 3.00 pm on Tuesday 24 March  2020
  • Where: High Leigh Conference Centre, Lord Street, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire EN11 8SG. Tel: 01992 463016   
  • Attendance: Attendance to this consultation is initially by invitation but if you would like to register your interest, please complete this form.

A booking form and further information will be available in due course.


 High Leigh information 
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