Notes for bulk bookers 

conferenceThose Churches with six or more places at Forum may benefit from a reduced booking fee. We offer this on the following understanding:

  1. We can only offer this bulk booking arrangement if you commit to  6 or more places at Forum.

  2. Lorraine will invoice you for the numbers to which you have committed whether or not you fill the places. 

  3. We would prefer your Eventbrite delegates to complete the form themselves so that they can answer the emergency number and data protection questions. However, you could complete some of the form for them if you wish and then they can log into Eventbrite with the e-mail address you gave it for them and complete the rest of the form. Instructions are here. Alternatively you can book your places using your own email address and then cancel the tickets when your delegates are ready to make the booking themselves. This will ensure that we don't run out of residential places at The Hayes.

  4. The 'promotional code' for your delegations is your name and surname, eg HilaryTreavis. However, you will also receive an e-mail giving you a link, which may be easier for your delegates. Please stress to them that they should not pay for their ticket up front unless #6 -#9 applies. If they do pay, they need to log back into Eventbrite and apply for a refund, making it clear that they should have had a 'free' ticket.

  5. Please be aware that the cancellation policy does not apply to these bulk bookings. We offer a bulk booking facility to you to save your delegates having to pay up front for their tickets and to offer you a reduced price for Forum. This does involve us in a certain amount of extra work. Refunding tickets when we have sent out an invoice is disproportionately wasteful of staff time, so, please, if you don't fill all your places, please be gracious and don't ask us for a refund! You can, however, transfer the booking to someone else if the original delegate backs out. 

  6. The Catholic Bishops' Conference has previously opted for three national places, less than our bulk booking minimum, so paid via Eventbrite and do not have a code. The rest of the RC delegation tickets were offered to dioceses on the understanding that they paid for their own tickets. This worked very well and has ensured an excellent RC presence at Forum.

  7. This arrangement is available to all of you who do not commit to the maximum number of delegates you can send. For 2018 only the Baptists have opted for this arrangement. I have therefore created six Baptist Association tickets and 32 RC tickets, access via special code (cf #4 above), and the price of these will mirror the prices of the other Eventbrite tickets. They need to be paid for up front and there is no commitment to fill all those places.

  8. Other unused places can be made available on a similar basis. Larger delegations at Forum 2018 are: Baptist 6 (12 max delegation), RC no commitment but 32 max delegation, C of E 12 (32 max), Methodist 12 (18 max), SA 6 (full delegation, gold stars!), URC 8 (12 max). If any of you want to increase your max delegation size by including young people, please read our web page on the issue and then come back to me, Jenny Bond, so that I can work out the logistics for you. 

  9. I know that you are already aware that we hope that some of your delegation will be under 35. We would particularly appreciate early bookings for them as we hope, if possible, to involve young people in Forum, for example in the creation and leading of the plenary morning prayer. We can't do that if we don't know who they are.

  10. We collect denominational information for all delegates so that we are able to tell you at any point the names of all delegates who have booked who belong to your Church. (These will be IB delegates or Bodies in Association etc.) 


Jenny Bond, 27/03/2018
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