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Praying Together at Pentecost for mission and evangelism 25th May-4th June 2017 


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Social media figures: TKC has appeared in twitter feeds more than a million times. On Facebook it has reached 2million people.   @thykingdom_come     #thykingdomcome

Resources can be downloaded even during the focus of prayer 25th May - 4th of June: link here 

11 prayer messages from Methodist, Catholic, Coptic and Anglican church leaders, one for each day during Thy Kingdom Come.

Signup information and links:Just use #Pledge2Pray and a hashtag for the prayer of the day. 


Big Church Day Out North will be holding an ecumenical Beacon Event in partnership with Thy Kingdom Come during BCDO 2nd/3rd June: 

are being made available through CPO as a central ordering and distribution point. The direct link for resources is:

#PledgeToPray. The website for Thy Kingdom Come now has the facility for individuals and churches to say they 'Pleadge to Pray'. The pleadge becomes a light on the world map to encourage others to pledge too. To #pledgetopray visit: 

Basingstoke Ecumenical Novena. Pictures, stories and inspiration from a local group of churches in 2016. Examples of many initiatives involving Church of England, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Community Church etc already planning for 2017. Link here.

Orthodox Prayer for the Conversion of England
. Well known in Orthodox Churches in England, this prayer is not imposed by authority or directive but used voluntarily. In some churches it is used on a regular basis e.g. once a week after Morning Prayers. Download PDF

Thy Kingdom Come website is live for 2017 to sign up for more information. It has a link to the 2016 resources. Partners now include European and worldwide networks (eg Anglican and Methodist), so the website is now also also called  

CTE Presidents Video accompanies a statement about Thy Kingdom Come and churches in England to get involved: 

This video of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the other CTE Presidents can be widely used and downloaded without further permission from

More information

In May 2016 many of the churches in England took up the invitation of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to set aside the days leading up to Pentecost Sunday to pray for the renewing and empowering presence of the Holy Spirit to 'make Christ real in our midst, for the flourishing of all'. In Sept 2016, the Presidents of Churches Together in England said, 'we are delighted to join together to extend this invitation to all the churches in England to participate in this movement of prayer in 2017'.

Joint statement

In a joint statement, the Presidents went on to say, 'We want to encourage our brothers and sisters in churches of all traditions to partner in praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ in the days leading up to Pentecost, from 25 May - 4 June, 2017. There is no prescription about how we should pray; we hope each church will participate in a way that is authentic to them and where possible to engage in this with their partner churches in their area.

 The aim of 'Thy Kingdom Come 2017' is simple and threefold:

-To join with the whole family of God the Father
-To pray for the empowering of God the Holy Spirit
-That we may be effective witnesses to God the Son Jesus Christ

The statement concludes: 'As Presidents, we will be writing to our churches and congregations to encourage them to share this aim and to take part in this movement. We pray to the Father that his family, called to be one in Jesus Christ, may see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to transform many lives and communities in our land'.

The 6 Presidents of Churches Together in England. To use the photograph please acknowledge:


Statement: 'Thy Kingdom Come - Praying Together at Pentecost 2017' PDF version
Statement: 'Thy Kingdom Come - Praying Together at Pentecost 2017' Word version

‘Thy Kingdom Come’ will be focussed in the week 25th May to 4th June 2017 when thousands of churches and Churches Together groups will be praying for mission and, evangelism. Resources for prayer and evangelism will be posted on the dedicated websites:

Global website: 


Video recorded 09.09.16 at Lambeth Palace, by Frogspawn Creative TV.
Video direct link: 
The video is also on the CTE website as a News item: link here
A video transcrIpt for quotes is available as a Word download document to cut and paste.
Information re Presidents of Churches Together in England: 
A short web address to find this page is:         

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