The Register of Local Ecumenical Partnerships

The Register of LEPs is held by Churches Together in England on the basis of information supplied by Intermediate Bodies. If you think some information is inaccurate or missing, please contact the appropriate County Ecumenical Officer in the first instance as they supply the information provided here.

The register is an Excel document. It is accompanied by a help document which tells you how to navigate and sort the register. We no longer provide a map showing the location of LEPs but you can do this yourself on the internet using the postcode supplied or simply searching for the LEP by name. The postcode should not be used for mail as it is simply an indicator of locality. The archive registers are listed here for research purposes. The oldest is at the top of the list and they are ordered by the date in reverse, ie yy mm dd.

Submit corrections and new information to the register  
 Download the Register and Help document 
Current LEP register (222.7KB)
Navigating the LEP Register (16.4KB)
- Managing the Word versions of the register (43.5KB)
00 1998 07 LEP register (642.5KB)
01 05 LEP register (696.0KB)
03 09 LEP register (185.5KB)
04 07 LEP register (122.0KB)
04 12 LEP register (232.0KB)
05 02 LEP register (247.5KB)
05 11 15 LEP register (235.5KB)
10 07 LEP register (104.0KB)
13 03 04 LEP register (97.9KB)
14 03 12 LEP register (412.0KB)
14 03 12 Meth circuit numbers (41.1KB)
14 03 20 LEP register (370.0KB)
14 08 22 LEP register (406.0KB)
14 09 22 LEP register (408.0KB)
14 10 09 LEP register (409.0KB)
15 01 15 LEP register (426.0KB)
16 01 27 LEP register (429.5KB)
16 03 09 LEP register (432.0KB)
16 03 21 LEP register (433.0KB)
16 10 03 LEP register (439.5KB)
16 12 12 LEP register (437.0KB)
17 03 24 LEP register (440.0KB)
17 11 21 LEP register (441.5KB)
18 01 26 LEP Register (223.1KB)



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