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Sharing Church Buildings

Buildings can be shared on an informal basis, can be subject to a Sharing Agreement under the Sharing of Church Buildings Act (1969) and/or can be a Shared Building Local Ecumenical Partnership. Whichever you are considering, ensure that you read Sharers, Guests or Tenants? downloadable below.

The Sharing of Church Buildings Act

The book Under the Same Roof, about the workings of the Sharing of Church Buildings Act (1969), is available from Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. CTE makes available an unverified updated version.

Which Churches are included?

A list of Churches to which the Sharing of Church Buildings Act applies (Gazetted Churches) can be found here. This list has been added to the Schedule 2 of the Act itself as a result of a recent Measure which has made other updating amendments. To this list needs to be added the Churches listed in Schedule 2 of SoCBA (1969).


We have retained past coding on these documents so that they list in a sensible order. The numbers have no other significance.

For current information and documents about the Methodist Church (including the consent form for the use of property) , please visit its website

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