Kai DaleyCovid and me 

Kai Daley from the New Life Wesleyan Church in Handsworth, Birmingham, shares a personal reflection on the impact of Covid-19. His church is part of the Wesleyan Holiness Church, a Member Church of CTE.

"Hello, my name is Kai Daley, I’m 18 years old and a member of the New Life Wesleyan Church based in Handsworth. Like you, I’m also being affected by the pandemic known as Covid-19, the uncertainty it carries and fear it brings has had a detrimental impact on my education and my life as a whole.

March 20th… the end and the beginning. My journey as a A-level student put to an abrupt halt, two years of hard study gone. It didn’t really sink in until the head of the Sixth Form I attended burst into uncontrollable tears, whilst giving us her final speech. This was bizarre to me knowing that some faces I had been so used to being around I probably wouldn’t see again really hit home.

For me personally, this was a frustrating time as being someone who isn’t naturally smart, I had to work hard for me to be where I was and I felt ready to take on my exams knowing I would get into my first-choice university. Anyone close to me will tell you,  from an early age as I have always wanted to increase my knowledge - as Nelson Mandela famously said “education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”. Being a young black man in times where the odds are highly against us, I wanted to use my summer grades as a first step in making change as I aspire to inspire.

Covid-19 didn’t just affect my education - that same week that my education ended, I was scheduled to be baptised. I was devastated, but now I have spiritually grown closer to God through Covid-19 using my devotional, so close I guess… it’s true, the Lord works in mysterious ways. "

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