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TKC service“An amazing opportunity to come together as the body of Christ” 

Churches from over 65 different denominations in 178 countries took part in the global prayer movement Thy Kingdom Come this year, with plans having to quickly adapt due to coronavirus restrictions. 

Marking the final day of 11 days of prayer, an ecumenical service was held on Pentecost Sunday, with leaders including His Holiness Pope Francis, the Archbishop of York and three of CTE’s Presidents; Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby; the Coptic Orthodox Archbishop of London, Archbishop Angaelos; and chair of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Agu Irukwu.
ThelmaThelma Commey, the current Methodist Youth President, also took part in the ecumenical service. Here she shares her reflections on being involved in this global movement of prayer…

I truly love the heart of Thy Kingdom Come. Churches from all over the world coming together in prayer, in my opinion, is the most powerful gathering that could ever be. If everyone really  prayed for their 5 five friends – or even just one friend – to come to know the love of Jesus, - or even just one friend- imagine the number of lives that have been and are being changed through the power of prayer! I am filled with joy and excitement just thinking about it.
Personally, it was a privilege to play a part in Thy Kingdom Come this year. I am truly grateful for the opportunity, including taking part in the Pentecost Sunday ecumenical service, and writing the Methodist Prayer Journal Jesus loves all. When the journal was published, I was amazed to hear how far it had reached around the country. I heard many personal stories, through email, of how people were not just reading it but bulk ordering and sharing it around their community. This alone was evidence of the love of God in the hearts of believers. To think that I had have a part to play in the spreading of the love of Jesus is a true honour.
Watching the Thy Kingdom Come service on Pentecost Sunday morning was a beautiful experience. It looked just like the kingdom of Heaven- – people of all ages, races and abilities coming together simply to worship our God. The Holy Spirit had unified nations, just like he did on the first ever Pentecost Sunday. When I heard the Lord’s Prayer in different languages – including Twi, the language of my motherland – I was reminded of how universal the gospel truly is. God is not limited to my 21st century English context, but actually he He is present and powerful in all contexts.
Thy Kingdome Come is an amazing opportunity for churches across the globe to come together as the body of Christ. When we do this, we present a rich diversity which allows people from all backgrounds to relate to the gospel and see their place in the body of Christ. We also present unity, which is a unique and powerful image for our world which is so divided. When Christians gather, we prove that God’s love, through His Spirit, allows us to love irrespective of our differences. What a way to present Christ to the world as a saviour for all!
Thelma Commey is a 19-year-old Ghanaian woman who has had the privilege of experiencing God’s undeniable love. Giving her life to Christ when she was 11, she found a relationship that would transform her. Thelma is currently serving as the Methodist Youth President, working full-time for one year to serve the children and young people of the Methodist Church in Britain – one of CTE’s 50 Member Churches.

Watch this year's Thy Kingdom Come video on their website.

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