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With growing concerns around people’s mental health and wellbeing in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, churches are responding by providing a range of resources – find out more from Revd Ben Aldous, CTE’s Principal Officer for Evangelism & Mission…
‘A mental health tsunami swelling on the horizon’ – that’s what we may well be facing in the UK, according to a church leader who shared during a recent Zoom gathering hosted by the Gather Network.
Even before the lockdown, when the need to ‘socially distance’ became a normal part of daily life, there were rising levels of mental health problems across the board. As I scan through my Twitter feed each morning, I’m seeing more and more virtual cries for help as the lockdown continues and people’s normal coping mechanisms are crumbling.
Churches have begun to respond to this concern with a growing set of resources. A few of the most useful are set out below:

  • Both the Methodist and Baptist Churches have produced good pages of resources.
  • Kintsugi Hope (a Japanese word meaning ‘golden joinery’ – the art of repairing broken pottery by infusing the lacquer with gold dust or using gold leaf) is a Christian organisation that wants to see a world where mental and emotional health is understood and accepted, with safe and supportive communities for everyone to grow and flourish. They have recently launched Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Groups, and these are now available online, enabling churches to reach their congregations and communities with resources to support people’s mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries are now offering free small group courses.
  • Livability have some helpful resources for churches, with a community approach to wellbeing.  Called Together for Good, it’s a new, free resource designed to provide churches with Bible Studies and group exercises exploring the themes of happiness, meaning and wellbeing.
  • Change Grow Live have a page of advice, especially aimed at those under 21 and struggling with alcohol or drug dependency. 

Find a range of guidance, resources and stories in our Coronavirus web hub.

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