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The Directors and Enabling Group of Churches Together in England agreed a future strategy of 'relationships', 'mission' and 'theology' for 2014 onwards.

This strategy now shapes the organisation and staff structure. It will now be worked out in the web site and other areas of CTE work. It has been described as a 'three-legged' stool on which the future work of CTE will be developed.

Under 'relationships' we have a concern to develop the following areas of work, which are not under any priority order. Greater understanding between the variety of church traditions represented by our 6 Presidents ie: Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Free Church, 'Other' and Pentecostal. Develop further mutual respect and interdependance between the CTE Member ChurchesAspects of this work include the Dialogues; work being done by Joe Aldred on Black and Multicultural Churches, including a revised Directory. 

'Relationships' are developed in many ways and at diferent levels, from national to local, in conference and mission, around food and in discussion, in study and in prayer. These can be formal partnerships, one off projects, and networks of churches concerned with a common cause or area. Resources for all these aspects are available under Resources.  

'Relationships' are closely related to our 'Mission' and 'Theology' aspects of the agreed strategy.

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